Elle Edwards

Influencer & Spokesperson for Millennials & Advocate of  progressive Corporate Culture

Hi, I’m Elle

I’m a professional millennial and, as an advocate of my generation, I’m on a mission to inspire and inform business leaders and other millennials of the opportunities and possibilities that can be created by harnessing – instead of undermining – a millennial mindset.

Follow me as I share my understanding of the latest in mindset changes in the workplace for the benefit of millennials and executives alike, with the aim of educating business leaders on the rationale for creating a positive, progressive workplace culture that drives performance, but also ultimately works for all – whatever your generation.

Millennials often get labelled as self-centred, lazy and “useless” when it comes to the workplace. I heartily disagree with this stereotype. Instead, I actively work to promote and celebrate the unique talents and abilities of those with a millennial mindset – and in the hope to overcome this discriminating view of my generation.

Drawing on my growing expertise and passion for professional development, I also advise and inform CEO’s and business leaders on building a progressive workplace culture. This advisory work might include: how to use millennials to your advantage; how to engage an employee workforce; leverage data and adopt a 21st Century mindset that makes the workplace a thriving hub full of successful employees – at every level.

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I have contributed to media articles and discussion, and been featured in the Daily Mail and We Are The City. Book Elle Edwards to: host your event, speak on a panel, create a break out session, or to create a 30-60-minute key note presentation, or contribute to media articles and discussion. Check my ‘Media‘ tab to see where I have featured’.


I am an expert in hiring at the C-suite executive level and a growing authority on building a progressive workplace culture and driving employee engagement.


Interested to know what Elle can do for your brand, business, or corporation? I provide advice, contribute to media and discussion on: how to build a progressive workplace culture, the views of a professional millennial and more on the tools you need to succeed in your career.