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Having worked in a professional job in the heart of London for the last few years, I have often witnessed both online and offline, an injustice in the way millennials are treated and portrayed both by the media and in the workplace. Millennials often get labeled as self-centred, lazy and non-career driven – I, however, disagree with this incriminating view of my generation.

Since, if you really sit down and talk to millennials around the world, you will begin to realise that we are actually a fiercely ambitious, innovative, age group who take ownership of our own careers and fortune.

We want good jobs, we want families, we want to experience all that life offers, despite the huge macroeconomic challenges we have had to overcome. Moreover, in most cases we actually want to influence and impact the world in a positive light.To put it simply, millennials are an extraordinary generation of young talent who are here to stay – and will have made over 50% of the global workforce by 2020.

In establishing a promising reputation in Education and advisory positions in Edtech and Fintech start ups, I came to be at the forefront of connecting the millennial and the executive. I saw that innovation (technological or data-driven) 

was not only impacting the ‘customer experience’ but also the behaviours and hiring needs of investors and the senior leadership / executives of some of the world’s biggest brands and what I learned was this:

Organisations that fail to adapt their workplace culture, create demotivated and disengaged employees who are often then underemployed and unproductive. More than ever, the very best of talent (including the millennial talent pool) is choosing to leave companies defined by a culture of ‘traditional authority’ and instead are moving to work in startups or companies that are catering more towards these innovative ways of thinking and meeting the demands of the modern employee.

I have also seen that established businesses who do not act soon to adjust, face the real risk of not being able to attract, engage or retain the very best talent. This will ultimately result in these businesses becoming uncompetitive with a one-way ticket to extinction. Think Jessops.

So, follow me, as I share my understanding of the latest in mindset changes in the workplace for the benefit of millennials and executives alike, with the aim of educating business leaders on the rationale for creating a positive, progressive workplace culture that drives performance, but also ultimately works for all – whatever your generation.